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What is the Google Developer certificate?

What is the Google Developer certificate?

By daniele

A universally accepted international certificate is allotted for passing an exam based on an individual’s performance. Google also helps in the exam by specifying the topics for exams. Certification is awarded to those who can pass an exam consisting

of two levels.

1) Programming phase.

2) Interview phase.

Google puts forward the following certificates

1) Associate Android Developer.

2) Mobile Web Specialist.

3) Google Cloud Certified- Professional Cloud Architect.

4) Professional Data Engineer.

To earn this certification, there are a few requirements.

1) Studying and preparation

2) Pass the exam

3) Interview

4) Get your certificate.

Having a Google developer certificate means you have a safe and secure future and career as an android developer. For passing this exam, you have to learn the skill of an entry-level Android developer. This skill can be learned through education, self-preparation, current job, or previous experience. After preparing yourself for the exam, you can check your skills by reviewing test content. If your skills are up to the mark, then go-ahead for the test, and if you feel a little more prepared, you can take your time and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Exam content includes the following topics.

1) Android core

2) User interface

3) Data management