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What are the free courses offered by Google?

What are the free courses offered by Google?

By daniele

Unpaid and costless training and education offered by Google to assist and help people get and learn skills for their jobs, career, and business. Nowadays, it is elementary to learn any skill from Google. It was never that easy in the past. We people (present and future generations) are very lucky to have this online learning opportunity. Previously, people favored offline learning, but online learning becomes more popular with time as awareness rises. Online education and offline learning both have positive and negative aspects. Online courses are very beneficial for students because now it is very easy to achieve new skills without having any money issues. For online learning, we just need two things.

1) Device

2) An internet connection

Google offers a wide variety of courses for us. We just have to sign up and learn the skill. There are no further requirements. This free learning content helps us start a new business, start a career or expand the existing business.

Courses categories:

Following are the categories of online courses offered by Google, and the best part of these courses is

that they are free of cost.

1) Programming

2) Mobile development

3) Languages in Arabic

4) Graphic design

5) Marketing

6) Computer science

7) Photography

8) Business

9) Soft skills

10) Music

11) Career development

12) Science

13) Technology

14) Languages

15) Computer software

Free Google certification courses list:

Following are the free online courses offered by Google, and the best part is that Google also provides certificates after acquiring a skill or system.

1) Fundamentals of digital marketing

2) Google analytics academy courses

3) Google ads certification

4) Google android development training

5) Google web developers training

6) Google digital garage

7) Udacity โ€“ Google partnership courses

8) YouTube management and growth

9) Google AI

10) Google digital marketing certification

11) google shopping ads certification

12) Google IT support professional certificate

13) Google data analytics certificate

14) Google UX design certificate

15) Google project management certificate

16) Google IT automation with professional python certificate.