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Knowing the best YouTube channels to learn programming

Knowing the best YouTube channels to learn programming

By daniele

We live in an epoc that has been very influenced by technologies. So it is not unusual to see that a lot of people are, in fact, enthusiastic programmers or simply beginners who are looking for new knowledge about this subject but at the same time don’t have enough money to invest in expensive courses.

That’s why we are about to provide you with a quick top 4 of the best YouTube channels to learn to program for absolutely free. Since as you know, this interface has become the most popular platform for anyone that wants to learn something. 

Then, it doesn’t matter the level you are, because here, top mentors and experienced experts share valuable knowledge about their subject, including programming, coding, etc.

Our Top 4 Picks!

Of course not everyone has enough time to go through and analyze a long list. Thus, we have listed five of our favorite YouTube channels to learn programming and the reason behind choosing them. Let’s start!

1. The Net Ninja

It is definitely one of the top YouTube channels to learn programming from in 2022. This channel presents three kinds of courses and training according to your level: beginner, intermediate and professional. Plus, it has several playlists designed according to the student’s benefits.

This playlist is divided into programming specifics to understand the students better. For example, if you want to use Node.js, you can refer to the Node.js course playlist where you will find every essential knowledge about Node.js, starting from the basic to advanced topics.

Some critical topics on The Net Ninja 

  • Modern Javascript tutorial 
  • Flutter tutorial for beginners 
  • HTML and CSS crash course tutorial 
  • Typescript tutorial

2. CS Dojo

CS Dojo is a channel led by YK Sugi. Back then, he was a software developer at Google, and now he is a popular YouTuber who shares his experience and knowledge with his audiences. Nowadays, his channel has around 1.85 million followers who learn from his videos every day.

Similarly to the previous one, YK Sugi has this place divided into 9 playlists in which he usually covers several topics, like how to learn coding, dynamic programming tutorials, and many other technical issues.

Some popular topics for beginners and intermediate programmers 

  • What is dynamic programming, and how to use it?
  • Python tutorials for absolute beginners- series 
  • Top 5 programming languages to learn to get a job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.
  • How I learned to code and got a job at Google

3. Life of Luba

Founded and led by Luba Yudasin, a brilliant YouTuber and former software engineer who also served as a product manager and chief of staff at Airbnb and Yelp. In this place, you will find several inspiring and informative video lessons on technology.

Moreover, these videos are based on her experience and knowledge in the field. Some of these courses also prepare students for job interviews and promising career opportunities.

Beneficial courses on Life of Luba 

  • How to learn code? Five quick, simple steps 
  • Get started with coding: Learn this line of code
  • Top 4 programming languages to learn 
  • How to pick between data science and computer science?

4. Derek Banas

We know what you’re about to say: “Derek Banas is always open to discussing any topic,” and you’re right. But, in fact, his real area of expertise is programming, mobile, and web development. As you see, Derek Banas has a creative and engaging approach to coaching or mentoring his learners.

Currently, his channel has about 1.19 million followers and is actually one of the most popular YouTube channels for this subject. Furthermore, people love his videos because he has a rather unconventional and fun teaching approach that makes people learn quickly.

Some excellent videos for programmers on Derek Banas’s site are;

  • C++ programming 
  • Python Programming 
  • The math of machine learning 
  • How to make video games