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How to Use Zoom Video Filters

How to Use Zoom Video Filters

By daniele

Zoom Video Filters are a fun and interactive feature that adds versatility to your zoom conference. Just a few buttons click, and you can change your appearance in Zoom for a quick laugh.

You’re in luck if you want to change your look in Zoom call without downloading a plugin such as a Zoom camera. Zoom has a unique way to turn your face into a pirate or cat within your application as part of new video filters and studio effects. The new filter allows you to use a video filter to surround yourself with a custom video frame or to see “Deal with It” sunglasses. The Studio Effects (Beta) tool aims to improve the look with fake lipsticks, mustaches, and beards. Both are fun and not just a little weird. Start both. Here’s how to use zoom video filters (Note that these options may not be available if you access Zoom via a college or someone else’s managed to call.)

Zoom Video Filters

You can apply video filters before or during the meeting. Zoom remembers the filters you selected before the meeting and automatically applied them to your video when you join. Here’s how to use Zoom’s video filters step by step.

Join a Zoom meeting. Enter the discussion code in the Zoom application or join the forum using the meeting link.

Turn your camera on if it isn’t one already. After becoming a member of the Zoom meeting, you may want to show in your digital video digicam to follow a filter.

There is a ” ^ ” button near the video option. Click on this.

Pick between filters and backgrounds. Then choose whether to use the background or the filter. If you need a background, click Virtual Background. If you need a filter, select “Filter.”

Select your filter. Browse the filters to find the filter you want to use. Click the filter you wish to apply.

So far, the only way to add some of these zoom video filters has been to download the Snap Camera plugin and combine Snap Camera with Zoom to create fun and weird combos like animatronic potatoes. You can now use zoom instead. You won’t be able to connect the mustache, halo, and yellow lip gloss on the handlebars, but feel free to try Zoom’s video filters and studio effects. It’s 2021, and everyone can enjoy it online.