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How to make Google Translate better

How to make Google Translate better

By daniele

Google translate is a service offered by Google to help people understand different languages easily with just one click. It can translate and convey your text messages, documents, articles, or websites language (expression) to another.

Nowadays, Google can translate and support 109 languages at different levels. According to the survey done in April 2016, it was claimed that over 500 million total people are using Google translate from various countries. And Google is translating a hundred billion words daily. Its status is currently active. Google launched the Google translation service in April 2008 (15 years ago). It is a commercial service offering free services to all members or people. Its registration is optional; you can use this service even if you are not registered or a member of this service.

Google translate is the best tool to change your words and sentences into other languages. This service can be used from your iPhone, iPad, Android, and other devices.

You can use Google translate when you are offline. However, there are times when there is no internet. You just have to download various languages on your phone or device.

There is another amazing feature of Google translate is the conversation mode.Β 

You have to turn on this mode, and you can talk directly to people speaking other languages. In addition, Google will automatically translate your voice or message into the required language.

You can block offensive words in Google translate. You have to add these offensive words to the blocked list, which you don’t want to see or use.

Google can also change or translate the images in the required language, which is helpful nowadays.

Here are tips are given to use Google translate better.

1) You should use active voice sentences.

2) Assure that your sentence is short and it fits very well.

3) For fast and accurate translation, make sure your sentence is brief.

4) Standard English word order is mote appreciable

5) You should use only one word or term for one concept to understand

6) Long nouns and wordings should be avoided

7) Never add humor to your sentence