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How to improve my business using Google my business?

How to improve my business using Google my business?

By daniele

What is Google my business?

It is a free tool offered by Google that allows companies to manage easily and online with the environment where it develops its closest activity.

How to improve your company’s search visibility?

As search queries become increasingly geographically specific and Google’s algorithms have been developed to consider user intent, you need to know how to improve the visibility of your company’s name in search browsers the higher the more likely you are to attract more customers.

Because Google changes its algorithms regularly, if you want to be found in local searches, you must have a Google My Business listing and update it regularly. 

How to improve your Google my business page?

  1. First make sure you claim a GMB (Google my business) page.
  2. Verify that your data is filled out and make sure that it is optimized.
  1. Note: make sure that when others search for your company, they should see important details such as (what you offer, contact numbers, and services).
  2. The information must be accessible, accurate, and instantly available.
  3. Take advantage of the way people search online and don’t let it hinder your ability to attract new customers.
  4. Be sure to describe in a way that keeps it as local as possible so that it is relevant to the user, the description can be up to 750 characters, and don’t forget the keywords.
  5. Add publications this will help your business grow and it is recommended to upload 10 videos or images.
  6. As in the previous point it is necessary to add images of the logo, the company, and your team, this will help you to be more seen in the search results.
  7. Be sure to collect reviews, in this world is important the opinion of customers this case as it proves socially for your potential customers and helps them decide on whether to do business with you or not so it is necessary to set up an email template that is as personalized as possible.
  8. Respond daily to your customer’s concerns and respond to reviews no matter if they are good or bad this will make you build trust with your customers.
  9. It is also very adaptable and can be updated as needed to reflect daily changes.


How to add publications?

In the case that you want to publish images, you must make sure that they must attract the customer, this content will show up in your Google search, and the publishing option gives you great flexibility to promote events, share your content, and promote your products or services.

To add a publication, you must consider the following:

  1. Go to your GMB account.
  2. Create a new publication where you can upload an image and write up to 300 words of text or an event title.
  3. You must include the start/end date.
  4. Then there is an option to add a call to action with a variety of button options including ‘Learn more, ‘Book’, ‘Register’, ‘Buy’, and ‘Get offer’. Innovation Google My Business visual page.

Note: Posts will last for 7 days before you must replace it with a new post so Google will send you an email with a reminder to do so.