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Google Digital Marketing Courses

Google Digital Marketing Courses

By daniele

Google offers a wide variety of courses, out of which some are paid courses while some are unpaid courses. Some courses are Unpaid and costless training and education provided by Google to assist and help people get and learn skills for their jobs, career, and business. In addition, some Google courses are certified. Google offers its best digital marketing courses and certificates, and the best part is that they are free of cost. Google digital marketing courses consist of Google digital unlocked and skill shop. You can be a part of these courses online and get help by watching tutorials and having online classes.

Following are the top digital marketing courses that are offering Google:

1) Fundamentals of digital marketing:

This course offers practices that assist us in turning knowledge into practical work or action.

Course details:

Modules 26

Duration 40 hours

Skill level beginner

2) Get a business online:

This course helps us to start or initiate a new business online.

Modules 7

Duration 3 hours

Skill level beginner

3) How to enhance and protect your online campaign

This course taught us the right audience or customer for our message or products. Running a successful campaign is also led by this course.

Modules 7

Hours 7

Skill Level beginners

4) Google analytics for beginners:

This course offers the following skills

Account making


Data filtering

Checking audience or customers

Basic reports

5) Advanced Google analytics:

This course offers data collection and data processing. Report-making skill is also polished in this course.

6) Googles AD display certification:

Marketing goals and campaign-related skills are offered in this course.

Duration 2.6 hours

Skill level beginner

7) Googleโ€™s AD search certification:

Following skills are offered here.

Building search campaign

Smart bidding

Audience solution

8) Googleโ€™s AD app certification :

Building campaign and its fundamentals and advanced optimization strategies are offered in this course

9) Googleโ€™s AD measurement certification:

It teaches us to perform on Google ads which will affect business.

10) Drive advertising revenue with Google AD manager:

Here are the skills offered in this course.

Get start

Create inventory

Set up an ad campaign