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Best YouTube Channels to learn German

Best YouTube Channels to learn German

By israelipanda

YouTube is an excellent tool for learning German. They are a great way to incorporate additional listening practice into your study schedule, much like podcasts. Despite not having the built-in structure of some online German courses or apps, they are extremely useful nonetheless.

Studying German can be made a lot more enjoyable by incorporating YouTube videos into your routine. Additionally, because they were created by native German speakers, you will gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be a German “Youtuber” or “Vlogger.”

You can add these 25 top German YouTube channels to your playlist. In order to make it easier for you to select the ones that are appropriate for your current level, we have divided them into beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories.

FOR BEGINNERS: Try one of these YouTube channels first if you’re just starting to learn German. They are frequently designed to be comparable to language classes.

GERMANPOD101 You will undoubtedly come across GermanPod101 while looking for resources to help you learn German. There are thousands of audio and video lessons, transcripts, flashcards, and other resources on this subscription-based website. Having said that, I found their paid service to be quite deplorable. However, GermanPod101’s free YouTube channel is available to anyone, regardless of membership status.

The Introduction to German playlist, which covers writing, grammar, and pronunciation, is one of several available. You can follow along with the videos thanks to the on-screen text and high-quality production. Additionally, there is a live YouTube channel that is accessible round-the-clock and features a variety of hosts who will teach you new words and phrases.

Herr Antrim has been teaching German at a high school for more than a decade. He approaches language learning in a fun and slightly geeky way, with English-based instructions that are simple to follow. You can start with Level A1 to practice your pronunciation and move on to Level A2 for scripted dialogues in his videos, which are organized by difficulty level. Master Classes that cover topics like the genitive case can be taken by advanced students live online.

The majority of the material is free, but you can purchase additional lessons from Herr Antrim’s website or subscribe to his Patreon for transcripts and worksheets. For $4.99 per month, you can also join the YouTube video channel.

My favorite online German course was created by smarterGerman, a fantastic website. Michael is a great teacher who uses stories to teach German and really gets you to think about how it works.

While most of their lessons require a purchase, there is a lot of free content on YouTube, including amusing songs to help you learn articles, cases, suffixes, and more. Additionally, Michael offers a lot of guidance on how to approach learning German. It’s definitely worth a look!

Students who want to learn German in a formal setting with a native speaker can benefit greatly from Easy Online German. The host emphasizes pronunciation in particular, and her lessons are designed for beginners rather than intermediate students. She records the episodes at home and occasionally adds cartoons and other entertaining videos, such as a song to help you remember German numbers.

One of the most well-liked German-learning channels on YouTube is Deutsch für Euch, which translates to “German for You.” The host describes herself as a “goofy girl” who enjoys teaching. You can work through all of the A1 videos in order if you’re just starting out because the lessons are offered in English and the videos are categorized by level. She also provides episodes of “storytime” for intermediate students to practice listening comprehension.

Intermediate students with some level of listening comprehension should use these channels. These YouTube channels frequently feature actual conversations with native German speakers rather than grammar lessons. Practice your pronunciation and learn dialects and slang from all over Germany by watching these videos.

EASY GERMAN This channel is well-known for its informal interviews with “man-on-the-street” people. The hosts talk to people in each video about interesting or funny topics like “How to Survive a Winter in Berlin” or “What Germans Think of Rammstein.” A great way to learn a new dialect or German slang is through this video series. Subtitles in English and German are provided for each video, making it easier to follow along.

Offbeat YouTube channel Get Germanized was started by a native German speaker as a way to improve his English. Even though this channel has some material at the intro level for new learners, it is best for intermediate students who want to learn more about German culture. Topics covered in the video include cultural differences, funny 1990s German commercials, German slang, and more.

Free introductory courses and intermediate vlogs featuring “real life” German are included in this series, which is hosted by a native German speaker. On her website or her Patreon page, Anja provides subscribers with transcripts and other advanced content. If you’re sick of German “teachers” and just want a German friend who will take you on her adventures while teaching you a new language, this channel has a good series for you to watch.